I've always been a Nike devotee when it comes to all things related to athletics, from head to toe. At times, I resemble a walking advertisement with the abundance of swoosh logos. However, after winning a pair of Diadoras when I secured second place in last year's Ecomaratona del Chianti half marathon, I became open to trying out other brands besides Nike.

As a dedicated CrossFitter, I've been keeping an eye on R.A.D for some time. R.A.D is a small company based in Oregon that made a splash in the training and CrossFit scene with a pair of shoes that quickly became the most hyped footwear in the community. Not too long ago, they took a bold step into the running scene by introducing the R-1, their first running shoe.

I imagine that most R-1 buyers were already owners of their training shoes, the R.A.D ONE. For me, it was the curiosity and the appeal of how these guys do things differently, not only in terms of their communication and culture but also in their product development and sustainability efforts, such as their commitment to donating 1% for the Planet and producing in limited quantities.

R.A.D releases its products in small capsule collections with specific colourways, alongside some that remain a permanent part of their lineup. Although I was tempted to get the triple black version, when the Racing collection was released, I opted for a lime green and grey pair with some glow-in-the-dark details.

The R-1 features a cushioned sole that utilizes R.A.D's Swellfoam technology, which I've enjoyed since my very first run in them. It's soft, not overly springy, but not too firm either – just the right level of responsiveness for my weekly runs. The upper part of the shoe is constructed from breathable mesh, and despite its lightweight design, it's still quite sturdy. I've tested it both on roads and some muddy trails, where it understandably had some slippage.

All in all, this is one of the best workhorse running shoes I've ever owned, and I'm eagerly anticipating what new additions R.A.D will bring to their running collection.