Satisfy LSD + Dark Arts Coffee

I could have never thought about a more rad partnership than Satisfy and Dark Arts Coffee coming together to organise the first LSD run here in London, simultaneously, the same event was taking place on the same day in L.A, Paris, and Milano. The event was organised by locals Ian from Satisfy, and Brad from Dark Arts Coffee, whose roastery served as meeting point and bag drop.

Despite the gloomy and rainy morning, there was a great turnout of people, not only Londoners but also passersby.

Two groups were organised to do a 15k and a 20k loop around the area. I joined the 20k group, and as usual, I wore the minimal attire, despite the fact that I decided to carry the camera through the whole route, which I kinda regretted on the last 5k when we got caught by the rain and I had to put it inside my tank praying for it not to die.

We started from Dark Arts coming all the way down to Victoria Park to then go all the way up through the Hackney Marshes looping around the Walthamstow Wetlands to then come back to Dark Arts, where the crew was waiting for us with tons of coffee and pastries that that I didn't hesitate to indulge in.

I had the chance to have a nice chat with few people like Seth, Ian, Colin and Tristan, and somehow even though we just met each other (And who knows if we will see each other again) the commonality found in running made it feel like talking to old friends. We all agreed that even though we enjoy running solo as a meditative act, we seek for this moments of community where running becomes a medium for sharing and connecting with others with similar drives.