Peckham Trailblazers

A couple of months ago, I joined the social run club led by Kurt and Jasmine Wilkinson, the Peckham Pacers, for a couple of runs. Aside from their usual runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays, they organized a trail run led by James Gorringe on the 10th of December.

It only takes a swift train ride from Peckham to get out of the city, and as soon as I stepped off the carriage, I could feel the clean and fresh air opening up my lungs.We ran through the trails for 12 km, which took us around 1.30 hours, stopping here and there to contemplate the views from the top of the hills and greet the sheep and cows.

As it was quite rainy during the week, most of the route was quite muddy, and a few times I slid through it with style, keeping the camera always at hand. By the end of the track, my socks and calves had a thick crust of dirt that made me look like 'The Thing.'

We ended up having a lovely roast and some boozy hot chocolate in a nearby pub, the interiors of which were way too pristine for our looks.

Looking forward to hitting the trails again soon, hopefully with a proper pair of shoes next time!