Foundation Launch

Last Wednesday, I took over the Peckham Pacers' classic 7@7 to present “Foundation,” the first printed volume of Track & Record. Although the weather didn’t show us any mercy, we completed a 7km loop around Burgess Park, drenched but still smiling and chatting. After getting a bit dry at Nola, I presented the zine while we enjoyed some Jubel beers.

Track&Record started while preparing for the Paris Marathon as a way to celebrate the daily runs; and this year, as I was training for the Rome Marathon, I wanted to do something that covered the marathon in a deeper way, and that’s when the idea of “volumes” came.

If before I’d do a small graphic to honor each run, this time the idea was to unpack the whole journey towards the race in a single physical piece that covered not just my personal experience but the culture and history of Rome itself. Like so, “Foundation” becomes field notes for the marathon journey.

Thanks so much to everyone who came by, whether you got the zine or not. For someone who moved to London 3 years ago and didn’t know anyone, it’s amazing to see this community supporting these things. Big up to Kurt for leading the Pacers, to Ben for the beautiful pics, and to Max for bringing the beers.